Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Some eco-friendly/sustainable trends to look out for in 2022

Sustainability means- sort of “live and let live” by being eco-friendly. The term “sustainability” has edged into household discussions around the world; in every field, be it clothing, cosmetics or even traveling on Ibiza tour packages (say).

Keeping in tow with individual efforts, the travel industry too has moved forward to make their services, operations, etc. more sustainable. 

The trends which can be observed now are that more and more people are-

  • Opting for off-peak seasons.
  • Visiting less popular and hence less populous destinations.
  • Using sustainable accommodations. Home stays are becoming more popular. In the whole process, the stay is eco-friendly and both the guest &the host are benefited.
  • Choosing tour operators such as White Magic Travels, who are more environment conscious, & who makes efforts to give back.
  • Avoiding disposable cutlery. Making the least use of plastic & paper.
  • Buying organic produce: They eat clean and healthy to stay fit on the road. They either buy organic produce and take on their trips or buy fresh vegetables from farmers on Barbados tour packages or on any trip.
  • Reducing wood usageby burning, while camping.
  • In hotels, they switch off the energy when not in use.
  • For shorter distances, even on Bahamas tour packages, one usually treks, cycles… They use public transports (which use CNG), for the longer distances. The best bet for eco-friendly road trips is to rent hybrid cars.
  • Many airlines have decided to reduce carbon emissions with flights powered by sustainable aviation fuel on key routes. 
  • Going for paperless boarding pass and itinerary solutions, travel certificates etc. say on Kerry packages.

Hence to be a responsible citizen of the earth, it is always a great idea to collaborate with a responsible travel agent as White Magic Travels, who will make an itinerary which is more sustainable & eco-friendly.

Be sensible, sustainable and more caring.

Source: https://flightstobangkokuk.blogspot.com/2022/09/some-eco-friendlysustainable-trends-to.html

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